Getting Back On Track

img_0569  I’m getting back on track and will be increasing my running now that the wrestling season is coming to an end for me and my two boys. I coach at our high school, my oldest boy is on the high school team and my youngest boy just finished up his wrestling season at the middle school. The wrestling season is long and takes up a ton of time which cuts into my running and gym workouts, but getting the chance to coach kids is well worth the time it takes away from some of the other things I would like to do. I’ve been coaching high school kids for 20 years now, so I really don’t know what it’s like to have all the time I want to train. I’m also getting back on track with blogging (kind of). I’ve decided to cut back on blogging every week and instead I’ll be switching to once a month, unless I have a race and I decide to give an update on how it went. With all the social media options out there, blogging defiantly takes up the most time, so follow me on my other social media accounts if you’re feeling like you need a quick snapshot of what’s going on with me. You can find my links at the top of my page.

This last month has felt like a circus with everything that has been going on in my life. After becoming an ambassador for IRun4Ultra, I have been chosen by a number of different companies to represent them. Skout Backcountry was the next company to pick me up followed by Tiger Tail USA, Skin Strong, Saxx Underwear, Paleo Meals To Go and my chiropractor Dr. Casey Ferguson, DC at  Conservative Pain Solutions is sponsoring me. I can’t even to begin to explain how blessed I feel to be apart of so many amazing companies. The discounts and swag I get is pretty cool, but the ability to spread the word of fitness, healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle is the true prize for me. If you follow me on any of my social media sights you know that I’m just a normal guy trying to become a better person then I was the day before. I’m not some super athlete that is a household name, I’m a middle/ back of the pack runner that is trying to spread some inspiration to whoever is listing. Long story short, if I can do it then anyone can do it “true story”.

My race schedule has changed up a little also due to me dragging my feet on signing up for the Smith Rock Ascent 50k in May, and now it’s full. I replaced Smith Rock with the   Sasquatch 50k which to be honest might be a better race for my first 50k. Now the Sasquatch is no pushover from what I can tell, but there will defiantly be more shade out on the course then the Smith Rock Ascent where there is none. Hydration, or lack there of will stop you dead in your tracks and having some shade will help me in that aspect. The Sasquatch 50k will take place a week later then the Smith Rock race, so it give me a few more days to be ready.

There are still a handful of companies that I’m waiting to hear back from, and I should know where I stand with them hopefully by next month (March), but at this point I feel like I have hit the lottery with the organizations that have already excepted me into their families. I have a lot to catch up on as far as my training goes, but my goal is to stay healthy and learn from each race. If I can do those things though out this race season, then everything else will take care of itself.

Happy running



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